# Workspace

The workspace refers to the working directory where the software is developed.


Default IDE of choice by developer is Visual Studio Code (opens new window) and Chevere provides tooling and recommendations on how to configure this IDE.

# Assets

Templates and settings are at the .vscode/ (opens new window) folder.

# Template Snippets

Snippets (opens new window) in Visual Studio Code provide an easy way to define templates for code. It is a productivity tool that allows to rapidly cast source code just typing a keyword in the IDE.

Snippets provide this functionality for the IDE:

Snippets in action

Note that for the example above, the header comment and strict_types declaration are automatically provided by the coding standard formatting.

# Extensions

This is a list of the essential extensions that the developer recommends for using Visual Studio Code for developing Chevere.

# Coding Standards Formatting

The coding standard is automatically implemented on save by using Run on Save (opens new window) extension.


Make sure to configure your filters in the ecs.php file.

    "emeraldwalk.runonsave": {
        "commands": [
                "match": "\\.php$",
                "cmd": "vendor/bin/ecs check ${file} --fix"

# Testing

PHPUnit Test Explorer (opens new window) provides inline tools for code execution and reviewing. It allows to easily handle all tests.

# Code Coverage

Coverage Gutters (opens new window) provides visual feedback regarding covered lines right into the editor.

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