# Exceptions

Exceptions are error events that happens on runtime, that disrupts the execution of the software. Chevere extends all SPL exceptions with support for Message.


Check thee Exceptions Reference for learn about all the interfaces available.

# Design

# Uniqueness

Each different event should have its own unique exception name. This is related to the SRP in the way that each event is different, so the exception.

It is encouraged to provide custom exceptions for each different event.

πŸ‘ΆπŸΏ Is like naming your children... Don't get two kids named Braulio!

# Descriptive

The exception name must be descriptive as possible.

Use names that explicitly explain the context of the exception. For example, SomeException is less descriptive than UserIdAlreadyTakenException.

πŸ™ˆ All the info needed to tell what's the event about should be in the exception name

# Documenting

Dockblock summary should be provided at class level.

# Conventions

  • Must be named with Exception suffix
  • Must extend Chevere\Exceptions\Core\Exception
  • Must be located at Exceptions/<component>/

# Throwing Exceptions

The exception message must explain the event.

Provide rich messages with plenty context for the event, like arguments, how exactly the event was triggered, paths or any additional context. It is encouraged to provide a hint for the developer dealing with the situation.

use Chevere\Exceptions\Core\Exception;
use Chevere\Components\Message\Message;

thrown new Exception(
    (new Message('An error happened when opening %path% when trying to %action% for %id%))
        ->strong('%path%', '/the/path/')
        ->code('%action%', 'register')
        ->code('%id%', '123')