# Quality Standard

The Chevere quality standard exists to ensure the quality of the software. It defines the minimum requirements to consider the software safely to be usable.

This standard is all about being able to rely in well-made and tested code.

Code delivered or used by Chevere must be:

  • Documented

Explanations on how to use something denote caring for the given code. Lacking documentations denotes a potential lack of interest, carrying unknown costs and delays for systems depending on the alleged code.

  • Tested

Code must be tested to determine if it works as intended. Lacking testing makes impossible to determine the safety of a given code.

  • Replicable CI

Building should be replicable, that way is known against what system and setup the code has been tested.

  • Minimum technical debt

This refers to well-written code in the form of code that carries less debt, measured against the inferred code quality measured by code analyzers like bad practices, typing issues, not covered code, unused variables, dead codes, etc.