# DataStructure

The Chevere\Components\DataStructure namespace provides components for providing typed immutable-like data structures, is built on top of php-ds (opens new window).


Data structures are provisioned as stand-alone classes and/or traits, which adds data structure functionality directly.

# Map

The Map component is in charge of extending DS\Map (opens new window) functionality to provide the array replacement for Chevere.

# Creating Map

Create a Map by passing named arguments of any type.

use Chevere\Components\DataStructure\Map;

$map = new Map(foo: $foo, bar: $bar);

# Putting value

The withPut method is used to put a value to the Map at the given key.

$map = $map->withPut(foo: $foo, bar: $bar);

# Checking keys

The has method is used to check if the Map contains the given key(s).

$map->has(key: 'foo'); // true
$map->has(key: 'notFound'); // throws Throwable

# Asserting keys

The assertHas method is used to assert if the Map contains the given key(s).

$map->assertHas(key: 'foo'); // true
$map->assertHas(key: 'notFound'); // throws Throwable

# Get value

The get method is used to retrieve the Map value for the given key.

$getFoo = $map->get(key: 'foo'); // $foo
$getBar = $map->get(key: 'bar'); // $bar

# Typed Map

The MappedInterface describes the interface for a component supporting mapping, like Map which doesn't specify any typing.


Use MapTrait quickly implement the MappedInterface.

With this, expose your own setters and getters accordingly to your typing and internally simply rely in the functionality provided by the MapTrait.

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