# Message

Message provide rich formatting support and output for console, HTML and plain text.

The MessageInterface describe the interface for a component in charge of providing a common message standard for system messages.

# Creating the Message

A Message is created by passing a message template. In the code below a Message is created with Hello, %to%!.

👍🏾 A message template can be any string.

use Chevere\Components\Message\Message;

$message = new Message('Hello, %to%!');

# Replacing Sub-strings

The replace method allows to replace a sub-string, without formatting.

$message = $message
    ->replace('%to%', 'Rodolfo'); // Hello, Rodolfo!

# Formatting the Message

A Message can be formatted using emphasis, strong, underline and code. These methods take a $search needle and replace it with $replace, applying the desired formatting.

$message = (new Message('$0 $1 "%say" [**output**]'))
    ->emphasis('$0', 'ERROR')
    ->strong('$1', '/where-it-happened.php')
    ->underline('%say', 'Por la cresta!')
    ->code('**output**', 'WhatChuchaHappen');

# Outputting the Message

# To Console

The toConsole method returns a console highlighted string.


👍🏾 The console output is raw ASCII string which looks like the example below.

ERROR /where-it-happened.php "Por la cresta!" [WhatChuchaHappen]


The toHtml method returns a HTML highlighted string.

<em>ERROR</em> <strong>/where-it-happened.php</strong> <u>"Por la cresta!"</u> <code>[WhatChuchaHappen]</code>

# To string

The toString method returns a plain string, no formatting.

ERROR /where-it-happened.php "Por la cresta!" [WhatChuchaHappen]