# Type

The Type component is in charge of providing a layer for dynamic type handling.

# Creating a Type

A Type gets created by passing a type keyword.

use Chevere\Components\Type\Type;

$type = new Type(Type::STRING);

# Type keywords

Available keywords:

  • Type::BOOLEAN
  • Type::INTEGER
  • Type::FLOAT
  • Type::STRING
  • Type::ARRAY
  • Type::OBJECT
  • Type::CALLABLE
  • Type::ITERABLE
  • Type::RESOURCE
  • Type::NULL


Full-qualified class names and interface names can be passed as type keyword.

# Primitive & Type-hinting

The return values for methods primitive and typeHinting is explained in the table below:

Type primitive() typeHinting()
keyword keyword keyword
SomeClass className SomeClass
SomeInterface interfaceName SomeInterface

For keywords, the return value of primitive and typeHinting is same as the keyword.

# Validate

The validate method allows to validate any $var against the declared type.

use Chevere\Interfaces\Type\TypeInterface;

 * @var bool $validate
$validate = $type->validate(var: $var);
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