# Examples Repository

A hands-on self introduction to Chevere with example scripts.

The repository at chevere/examples (opens new window) holds a variety of working examples that will help you to learn how to use Chevere.

👍🏾 Feel free to contribute to this repository

# Installing

# Requirements

Clone the repository in examples/.

git clone git@github.com:chevere/examples.git

Install dependencies at vendor/.

composer install --ignore-platform-reqs

# Browsing

Each folder represents an example topic, like 00.HelloWorld/ (opens new window) for "Hello, World" or 02.VarDump/ (opens new window) for VarDump component.

👴🏾 All files and folders use a numeric index representing levels of complexity

# Running

php pathToScript

To run the ubiquitous "Hello, World":

php 00.HelloWorld/00.controller.php 

# Recommendations

# Contributing

The examples repo is a playground, everything concerning potential uses is welcome.

Feel free to suggests (opens new window) examples that should be added or to share (opens new window) your own.

🧔🏾 Try to think about Chevere as butter, you want it (mostly) everywhere