# Introduction

# What is Chevere?

Chevere is a development framework for building extensible server side applications. Unlike almost all other PHP frameworks, Chevere is designed for everything, not just web. The core library provides the tooling needed to organize and run the logic of any given application like Content Management Systems, headless-APIs and more.

# Name meaning

The term chΓ©vere is an slang used in latin american countries. It literally means cool, great, awesome, nifty, etc. The term has a generic connotation of good and can be used in almost any context that those two words can be used.

# Core concepts

# Extensibility

Chevere ease the process of crafting pluggable applications by providing an architecture allowing to safely extend the application logic. Extensible applications not only do more, but engage more users and provide a solid foundation for your own application ecosystem.

🀯 Pluggable logic allows to be open to do more.

# Clean Code

Chevere follows the Clean Code principles, which can be resumed as the practice of creating code that is easy to understand, to change and maintain.

✨ Clean code always looks like it was written by someone who cares. ― Michael Feathers

# Strongly Typed

Chevere uses strict strong-types for safe run-time operations. It relies mostly on the language to avoid boilerplate code needed to validate dynamic types. This also helps to better understand the code as everything is typed.

πŸ’Ž IDEs and code tools love typed code

# Console First

Chevere is built for the console first, not web. On its core, Chevere is a simple command runner which can me mapped to generate anything. This approach makes Chevere flexible enough to provide all the building blocks needed to create modern applications of any kind. It also gets rid of the need of a web server for development.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» It is about time to start using PHP in the console

# Origin

Chevere begun as the supporting framework for Chevereto 4. Development started about mid-2018, carrying a complete modernization of the previous Chevereto's supporting framework (G\ Library).

While Chevereto drove initial development, Chevere is a different organization with their own goals, shaped by contributors and users.

Both Chevere and Chevereto are projects started by the same developer, Rodolfo Berrios (πŸ˜‰ hi!).