# Introduction

# What is Chevere?

Chevere is a PHP development framework for building extensible applications. Unlike almost all other frameworks, Chevere is designed for everything, not just web. The core library provides the tooling needed to organize and run the logic of any given application like command line tools, Content Management Systems, headless-APIs and anything you may think of.

# Name meaning

The term chΓ©vere is a very well known word in spanish speaking countries which means cool, excellent, great, awesome, pretty, nice and magnific. The term has a generic connotation of good and can be used in almost any positive context.

The use of the term has roots in the Chevereto software, which simply means "chevere to".

# Core concepts

# Extensibility

Chevere aims to ease the process of crafting pluggable applications by providing an architecture allowing to safely extend the application logic. Extensible applications not only do more, but engage more users and provide a solid foundation for your own application ecosystem.

πŸ”Œ Pluggable logic allows to be open to do more.

# Clean & Typed

Chevere follows the Clean Code principles, which can be resumed as the practice of creating code that is easy to understand, to change and maintain.

It uses strict strong-types for safe run-time operations and relies mostly on the language to avoid boilerplate code needed to validate dynamic types.

🏷 Typed code is easier to read and safer to work with. You will notice it.

# General Purpose

On its core, Chevere is a simple command runner which can me mapped to do anything. The tooling is for general purposes, with enough flexibility to allow the creation a myriad of systems with the same know-how.

πŸ’Ž It is tech neutral and not web-centric.

# Standard

Everything in Chevere feels in its place, like something that it was diligently designed by a single person.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Surprise, it is made by a single developer!.

Chevere is made by a One Man Army developer and the code is heavily opinionated, with many coding standards and conventions seeking for cohesion, and the best usage (in my opinion) of the programming language.

# Origin

Chevere begun as the supporting framework for Chevereto 4. Development started about mid-2018, carrying a complete modernization of the previous Chevereto's supporting framework (G\ Library).

While Chevereto drove initial development, Chevere is a different organization with its own goals.

Both Chevere and Chevereto are made by the same developer, Rodolfo Berrios (Hey there πŸ‘‹πŸΎ).