# 📦 Installation

# System Requirements

Chevere system requirements can be found in the composer.json (opens new window) file.


Chevere is built and tested for unix-like systems.

The chevere.ini (opens new window) file provides the PHP settings required for Chevere.

# Installing

composer require chevere/chevere dev-main

The above command will install Chevere and its dependencies (opens new window) at vendor/.

# Now what?

Chevere will now be available project-wide. Make sure to load vendor/autoload.php in your entry point:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

From now you can head to Learn by Example to pick-up some general idea on what you can do with this. You can also start learning the Workflow, Action, Parameter components which will allow you to get a progressive approach into the Chevere realm.

There are also lots of tests (opens new window) to experiment and run.