# Installation

# System Requirements

Chevere system requirements can be found in the composer.json file.


Chevere is built and tested using the PHP packages made by Ondřej Surý. PHP Extensions are provided by PECL.

The chevere.ini file provides the PHP settings required for Chevere.

# Installing

composer require chevere/chevere dev-master

The above command will install Chevere and its dependencies at vendor/.

# Now what?

Chevere will now be available project-wide, just make sure to load vendor/autoload.php in your project.

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

From now you can head to Learn by Example to pick-up some general idea on what you can do with this. You can also start learning the Workflow, Action, Parameter components which will allow you to get a progressive approach into the Chevere realm.

There are also lots of tests to experiment and run.