# Coding Standard

The coding standard exists as good practice for keeping the syntax cohesive as possible.

# Casing

  • PascalCase for classes and interfaces
  • SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE for constants
  • camelCase for everything else

# Code Style

Code style is provided using EasyCodingStandard (opens new window), defined at the root ecs.php file which extends ecs-chevere.php (opens new window).

# Implementing in your project

Install EasyCodingStandard with composer.

composer require symplify/easy-coding-standard --dev

# Download code-style

Run this to download/update the base code style.

mkdir -p .ecs \
    && cd .ecs \
    && curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/chevere/code-style/main/.ecs/ecs-chevere.php

💡 For Chevere packages you can run composer update-cs

# .ecs/ecs.php

Create your .ecs/ecs.php configuration (opens new window) file by importing the ecs-chevere.php file:



use Symplify\EasyCodingStandard\Config\ECSConfig;
use Symplify\EasyCodingStandard\ValueObject\Option;

return static function (ECSConfig $ecsConfig): void {
    $ecsConfig->import(__DIR__ . '/ecs-chevere.php');
        __DIR__ . '/vendor/*',

# Custom header comment

Use a plain text file at .ecs/.header to define the header comment for your coding standard.

This file is part of projectName.

(c) My Name <user@email-hostname>

For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE
file that was distributed with this source code.

# Format code style

To format code style you need to run:

vendor/bin/ecs --config='.ecs/ecs.php' check file.php --fix

Check the workspace documentation to configure automatic code formatting.

# Typing

# Type Hinting

  • All parameters, properties and return expressions should be type hinted

# Code comments

Comments in logic should be used only in the following cases:

  • @codeCoverage tags
  • Type hinting (for example, in loops)

# DocBlocks

DocBlock content should be short as possible, relevant and omit the obvious.

  • Use markdown
  • @param and @return should be avoided (prefer typed code)