# Writer

# Summary

Writer provides tooling for writing to streams.

# Installing

Writer is available through Packagist (opens new window) and the repository source is at chevere/writer (opens new window).

composer require chevere/writer

# Streams

# Stream for

Use function streamFor to create an stream.

use function Chevere\Writer\streamFor;

$stream = streamFor(
    stream: 'php://temp',
    mode: 'r+'

# Stream temp

Use function streamTemp to create a temp stream (rw+).

use function Chevere\Writer\streamTemp;

$stream = streamTemp($content);

# StreamWriter

Use StreamWriter to write strings to a stream.

use Chevere\Writer\StreamWriter;
use function Chevere\Writer\streamFor;

$stream = streamFor('php://output', 'r');
$writer = new StreamWriter($stream);
$writer->write('Hello, world!');

# NullWriter

Use NullWriter when requiring null write override.

# Writers

Use Writers to interact with pre-defined streams for output, error, debug and log. By default only output and error streams are defined.

Stream Default
output StreamWriter
error StreamWriter
debug NullWriter
log NullWriter
use Chevere\Writer\Writers;

$writers = new Writers();

# Output stream

Use output to interact with the output stream. Use withOutput to set a custom output stream.

$with = $writers->withOutput($stream);
$with->output(); // $stream

# Error stream

Use error to interact with the error stream. Use withError to set a custom error stream.

$with = $writers->withError($stream);
$with->error(); // $stream

# Debug stream

Use debug to interact with the debug stream. Use withDebug to set a custom debug stream.

$with = $writers->withDebug($stream);
$with->debug(); // $stream

# Log stream

Use log to interact with the log stream. Use withLog to set a custom log stream.

$with = $writers->withLog($stream);
$with->log(); // $stream