# Get started

# What is Chevere?

Chevere is a strict, strong-typed PHP development library. It is the stuff developers use to build other software as it is a collection of packages providing the core tooling needed to organize and run the logic of any given software application.

💡 The term chévere is ubiquitous in Latin America, known in every Spanish speaking country and it means cool/awesome.

# Core concepts

# Clean & Typed

Chevere follows Clean Code principles, which can be resumed as the practice of creating code that is easy to understand, to change and maintain.

# Extensible

Packages of all types, with enough flexibility to allow the creation a myriad of systems with the same know-how.

# Modern & High quality

All-new PHP 8 codebase with strict standards. Chevere has been designed from scratch for PHP 8, and it uses all the goodies added to it. On top of that it follows own high quality standards.

# Who makes Chevere?

Chevere is driven by Chevereto (opens new window) and is made by the same author (Rodolfo Berrios (opens new window), hi).

Chevere was created as the supporting framework for Chevereto, and Chevereto supports Chevere's development.

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