# Quality Standard

Our quality standard exists to determine the minimum requirements to consider our software usable and the objetive is to minimize technical debt.

Our standard requires that code delivered by Chevere must be:

  • CI build
  • Extensively tested (code coverage, mutation)
  • Well documented
  • PHPStan Level 9

# CI build

The code is continuously analyzed by many systems and third-party tools. All our packages will showcase a signature like this on the main README.md file:

Quality Gate Status (opens new window) Maintainability Rating (opens new window) Reliability Rating (opens new window) Security Rating (opens new window) Coverage (opens new window) Technical Debt (opens new window) CodeFactor (opens new window)

We use the following third-party CI services:

# Extensively tested

All Chevere software must be tested.

To ensure the quality of the tests, all Chevere software requires mutation testing.

# Well documented

All Chevere software must be documented.

We use docs-deploy (opens new window) documenting system.

# PHPStan Level 9

All Chevere software must be checked against PHPStan (opens new window) Level 9.