# Message

# Summary

Message enables to create strings with template tags support.

# Installing

Message is available through Packagist (opens new window) and the repository source is at chevere/message (opens new window).

composer require chevere/message

# Creating a Message

Use function message to create a Message by passing the message template. Use named named arguments to define replacement pairs.

Supported tags:

  • %tag%
  • {{tag}}
  • {{ tag }}
use function Chevere\Message\message;

$message = message(
    'Hello, %tag%!',
    tag: 'World'

# To string

The __toString method return the message with translated placeholders.

// Hello, World!

# Utility methods

# Template

Use template method to return the message template.

// Hello, %tag%!

# Replacements

Use replacements method to read message replacement pairs.

// ['tag' => 'World']